Thursday, April 17, 2008

I was told yesterday, that my blog was out of date. I need to blog some of our trip to China. I will try to get to that soon. But today I will tell about yesterday.

For some time now, when I told Hallie it was time to start school Liam and Eryn would say they wanted to do school too. I finally got a Pre-K book for them to work on. They both did two pages yesterday. I think they enjoyed it. I can tell that Eryn is going to be similar to Hallie. She loved doing the "work". Liam on the other hand, had a much shorter attention span. He needed more encouragement. He did just fine, but lacked confidence.

I will be ordering school materials for next year pretty soon. I have it mostly figured out. I am just waiting to hear exactly what the family is going to leave us in China.

Ok, I will try to update this blog at least once a week. I will work on some stuff this weekend too. Thanks for reading