Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Halloween is one of those American holidays that has not really caught on here yet. That did not stop us from celebrating. Last year we went to a party that someone else hosted for their students. This year none of us were having a party so we decided to go to Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is a treat for us anyway, and Pizza hut is usually decked out for Halloween. All week the workers were wearing costumes. However on the day of Halloween, they were wearing their regular uniforms. We were disappointed but we still ate pizza!

Hallie was Hermione Granger, Liam was Harry Potter, and Eryn was Tinker Bell (in the arrival dress). We caused quite a stir on the bus and walking to Pizza Hut. The kids often turn heads, but it was a little more pronounced when they were in costume. See the attached video.

We met up with Jeff, Cathy, and Tanner at Pizza Hut. They brought along some of their students. The students gave our kids candy!
Nothing say celebration like pizza!
It was not quite an American celebration, but it was fun!

Weird weather

One question lots of people ask about China is "What's the weather like there?" I almost always answer that is pretty much like it is at home. Some parts of China (north) are very cold and some parts (south) are very hot. Where we live, is about the same at home, (maybe a little warmer). One thing that is different is that we do not usually get thunderstorms. Actually, when we lived in central China, I only heard it thunder one time all year. Hangzhou gets a little more thunderstorms, but usually nothing like what we have in west Tennessee.

However, the other day we had a big storm. The sky got dark as night, literally! I have seen it get dark in Tennessee, but nothing like it did here! I took a picture. It was so dark for a few minutes that I wondered if there was an eclipse that I forgot about.
This picture was taken about 3:00 in the afternoon. It was already beginning to get a bit lighter.
Liam is terrified of thunderstorms, and I really don't like them that much either. I do NOT miss this kind of weather. I am thankful that we do not have to deal with this often!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I feel like we have had one party after another the last few weeks! We have had a bunch of people in our apartment lately. The last several Sundays we have had about 20 people too! Phew! We have been busy, but I love it!

I am so thankful that we have an apartment that people feel comfortable visiting. I have several events that I need to blog! This past Saturday, we had a party for Hallie's birthday. She chose who she wanted to come. I made a cake (from a mix, thanks!). We also had pumpkin squares (from scratch), brownies (from mix--Jon made), and peanut butter cookies. Sugar rush!!!

Hallie opened some presents too. Actually she has been opening presents for three days! She opened the gift from Grandmamma on skype on Saturday morning. She got an American Girl doll (Kit). She loves it, and does not let it get too far from her sight.

Saturday night she opened presents at the party. Sunday morning she opened more presents on Skype (from Poppa and Granny). Finally, this morning she opened gifts from her brother and sister and parents. She has been very busy playing with her presents. Tonight we will go to a new restaurant for the final celebration!

notice the doll in the background?

Yep, this about describes how we all feel! But that cake sure was good!!!


Today is Hallie's Birthday!

Hallie Elizabeth was born November 9, 2009. I remember saying that it was the hardest thing that I had ever done (birth) but the best! It was most certainly love at first sight! I don't have that many early pictures with me here in China, but I thought I would share some from the past nine years.

Brand new family!

She was 4 weeks old in this picture.

She was 19 months here. This was her first trip to China in 2002.
Two years old.

Four years old!
6 years old!

Seven Years old (in Henderson)
8 years old (in China)
This year! (9 years old!)

I noticed that she is wearing the same shirt in the last two years (it is one of her favorites). Boy the last years have flown by!!!

Happy Birthday Hallie!