Friday, September 30, 2011


We may have talked about Shane before.  He was a student at ZUST (Jon's old school).  He started studying the Bible with Josh and came to believe.  He was ready to be baptized, but he told his parents about his decision and they were against it.  It was very disappointing that Shane decided not get baptized.

Thankfully God has continued to call him and he has continued to study and attend worship services.  Shane lives and works very close to our apartment.  He has been coming to our house on Sundays.  Shane is very serious and thoughtful.  He knows what he really needs to do.

At the beginning of the year (right when we came back from the US) he announced that his goal this year was to be baptized.  He is still fearful.  Then he said that he would set a date after the October holiday (next week).  He has set the date for October 16.
We are very excited about this!  Shane is a great guy!  He will be an even better Christian.  He will already lead singing, and is working with Jon to learn how to do other things in our service.  He is also interested in teaching.  He does talk to his friends about his beliefs.

Next week Shane will go back to his hometown for the National Day holiday. His parents just want what is best for Shane, and they do not see how in a country of atheists how being a Christian would be good for him.  Please pray for him.  Please pray to protect Shane and his conviction.  Pray that he can be a good influence on his family.