Saturday, September 26, 2009

Temple visit

I am really not as computer savvy as I would like to be. Often my blog posts take a really long time. I just posted on the team blog, and it felt like it took all day! I would really like to post it here, but I don't have the patience. I could just copy and paste, but that does not take care of the pictures, so instead, I will just put the link to the blog. This posting is about a recent visit to a tea house and temple. It has a bunch of pictures and even a short video. Really, it is worth looking at (IMHO).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New furniture

We are very blessed with our apartment. For the most part the furniture provided is great! They are neutral colors and look very good (especially for China). There was one thing we were lacking though....

The wall with the TV in the living room had no place to put the cable box or DVD player, we just kept them on the floor. We decided we needed something to put the DVD player on and a place to store stuff like DVDs.


So we went to the furniture market and looked around and even took some measurements. We saw what we wanted at one of the showrooms...then we went home to think about it and all of that. We went back to the market about two weeks later, but the showroom we had looked at was gone! But another lady said she could get the stuff for us, we could just pick it out of the catalog. We showed her what we wanted, and bargained and arranged a delivery in two weeks (in pieced together Chinese).

Then the furniture arrived, and the guys put it together with a power drill in our living room and put them where we wanted. The book cases actually ended up being much bigger than we had thought and we were afraid that they would not work, but I think it ended up working very well. And we still have some empty shelves that we can put stuff if we need to.


Friday, September 4, 2009


This morning Mr. Li called Jon and asked him if we had a fermenter. Jon said no. Why would we have that? What is it? Do you use when making beer? Then he said that the school has decided to give us one because of N1H1 (swine flu).
A fermenter!? How is that going to help? Then he said he would give us five and if our temperature is over 38o we should call him immediately!
Now do you know what a fermenter is?
Yes, he meant thermometer.
Of course in his defense Mr. Li speaks three languages, Chinese, English, and German. It is ok that he makes some mistakes. Sometimes even if someone speaks English it can still be hard to understand some things. But it does make for a funny family joke.

I guess it was good that we did not have the fermenter last week. I know I had a fever, but I did not know how high it was. I don’t guess I had the flu because so far no one else in the family got sick!

We go Monday to have our annual Chinese physical exam. It is always interesting. Maybe we can get some pictures this time. Last year they told Jon he had fat in his liver and I had gallstones. I wonder what they say this year.