Saturday, October 10, 2009


This Post is a little out of date. Oh well, better late than never. A few weeks ago ( more than a month now) Chuck and Nelda Harle were in town. I had wanted to have a get-together with all the foreigners in town, so I decided to do it while Chuck and Nelda were here. Nelda helped by sending out e-mails. I did not really know how many to expect, and I am not positive of the final count but I am sure that there were more than 45 people at my house. This was some of the food we had.

This is the sign of a big party in China. Lots and lots of shoes. ( You do not wear shoes inside houses)

These are pictures of folks mingling. It was very loud, but I think folks had a good time. It was a lot of fun. It is amazing to see how many workers He has in this city. We rarely see these folks so it was nice to get together.

These folks are either from Henedrson or at least lived there for a while. See anybody you know?

This was the entire group except for Heidi, who had to leave early. It was great fun. I loved hosting this, but I would not want to do it every week.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Romans 8:25 (Hope)

I snapped this picture as I was strolling through the local pet market.

On the bus

I don't remember where we were going. Liam and I were sitting further back. Hallie and Eryn were in one of the front seats. On some of the buses, there are seats that face backwards. We learned a long time to avoid those seats if possible. With a bumpy, hot bus, it can make matters worse to sit backwards (motion sickness). So the girls just turned around and watched out the front. I snapped a picture!

National Day

October 1st is National Day in China. It is the anniversary of the founding of the PRC (People's Republic of China). This year was the 60th anniversary. Everywhere, all over town there were decorations.

At the gate of our apartment complex

Near the Lake

Along the tops of buildings

On light poles

outside shops and restaurants

Even on the bus

and some shop girls were wearing hats that were decorated

We have found that the Chinese people are an extremely patriotic people.
We watched the huge parade and review of the troops in Beijing (on TV).
We have off from school for several days. The legal holiday is about 8 days this year, so most folks are also off for a week. The stores are packed. The lake was crowded. Traffic is weird. In some places around town it is really good and then in some places it is crazy. We went to the lake today, but two different taxis would not take us there.
I am sure that the train stations and normal tourist places would be beyond crazy. We chose not to travel outside of HZ this time.
I will try and post some of the things that we will do and did this week.