Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bike Wreck!

H. was enjoying “her” bike. But she did not have a good day with it today. She was trying to ride it on the porch and fell off in the bushes. She was fine, but the other kids freaked out!

Then a few hours later, she went out and was going to ride the bike in the driveway. She failed to notice that the drive way is a pretty steep hill. So she went down the driveway, and could not stop! She ended up on the other side of the median in the road! We heard her scream, and then Liam ran inside to tell us that something had happened. Jon carried her back inside and we cleaned her up. She is pretty scraped up, but that is all. She has scrapes on her knees, hands, elbow and face. She also has some pretty road rash on her face.

She told me at breakfast, that she is going to stay inside today.

Bike Parade

Every year Hixson (Clear Creek) have a bike parade for the kids. Usually it is in the church parking lot. This year it was at a park. Mr. Bobby found some bikes for the kids. So Jon and H. went to Wal-mart to get training wheels and things to decorate the bike. They got stuck in traffic, but make it home in time for us to put the wheels on the bike and decorate it.

She made it once around the track and then one of her training wheels fell off!

After the parade, the kids ate popsicles and played on the playground.

Friday, June 27, 2008

We are in Hixson

We are in Hixson, TN now. We are staying with Bobby and Carol Golden. We are staying in their basement. It is a very large area. We have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, washer and dryer, and a large living space. It is the perfect set-up for us. We feel very comfortable here.

This is the view from our front porch.

Mr. Bobby (our host) bought the kids fishing rods. We have not gone fishing yet, but the kids have practiced casting almost every day in the front yard.

They have also enjoyed the Golden’s swing.