Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well, it could have been worse.... Jon had class until 5 and then he had class again at 6:30, so I thought it would be easier to eat at home....but nothing is as simple as it should be in China.... I knew we had eggs and some ham and cheese, so I decided to make omlettes.

We only have an electric hot plate thing to cook on. It uses magnets to make ferrous metals hot...it is pretty cool technology if you are not trying to cook on it. The first pan I grabbed did not work (wrong kind of metal). Of course I did not realize it did not work until after I dumped the ham in it. So I got out another pan, but it immediately burned some of the ham! I took it off the eye and knew that I would need to clean the pan or else the omlettes would taste very burnt. About this time, Jon came home and suggested another pan, that was in the drawer. I forgot to look in the drawer...who keeps pans in drawers...oh they do in China. That pan worked better and I cooked the ham some and then moved on to the eggs....

I remember my mom and grandmother always telling me to crack open an egg in a separate container than your mix (or the other eggs). I almost forgot that advice....but it could have been worse...on egg number 5, I cracked it, but something seemed off...I noticed the smell and the green liquid about the same time. I am glad that none of the yuck landed in the other eggs. I am also very thankful that I did not open the egg all the way!! I can only imagine what I would have found. The smell was the worst part! I kept smelling it all night even way after I took out the garbage and scrubbed the kitchen.

Well like I said, it could have been worse. I started to cook the eggs, but the silly hot plate thing either gets very hot or not hot enough... finally they were cooked enough to add the ham and cheese. However, the omlette fell all apart. So I called it Topsy-turvy omlettes and the kids were excited. It was covered in cheese (a rare treat). The kids gobbled it up. Then I made one for Jon and me. It was ok, but I did have trouble getting it cooked all the way. I ate two bites, and it tasted fine, but I still smelled that other egg and had lost my appetite for eggs!

Everyone was still hungry, so when Jon went to class and took out the garbage, we got a snack at the cafeterria next door. I scrubbed the kitchen and washed the dishes, at least I could do that right!
Like I said, it could have been worse..at least we did have something to eat. I think tonight, we will go out to eat!

Friday, October 3, 2008

We got Mail!

We were told that we had a package, so Jon stopped by the post office after his class. I went on home and relieved the babysitter. After a little bit, I heard Jon come in and he sounded out of breath. I wondered why, because it was not that hot. When I walked into the living room, I saw what he was carrying! We did not get one package, we got FIVE! It was like Christmas morning at our house! Some of the packages were things that we had left behind in the US, but some were some new surprises. Thank you so much!