Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prayers, please!

Back in September, I had oral surgery. Those of you that read the blog, know that it was a pretty terrible ordeal. But I made it through and healed just fine. (well, mostly). Then it became apparent that I would have to have it done again on the other side. I have been both dreading it and wanting to just get it over with.

The surgery is finally set for Monday morning at 9 AM. That will be Sunday night for those of you in America. I would greatly appreciate prayers. I would like prayer that the surgery will be successful, that it will seem quick, that I will not feel any pain during the surgery, and that healing will be fast and complete.

I am sure that I could use prayers the following week, and I know it will hurt and I will only have ibuprofen for the pain. Pray for my family as they will have to deal with me.


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