Saturday, April 28, 2012

We are thankful

We are very thankful.  We are very thankful that things were not worse.

When I got up this morning, I discovered that my computer was missing from its usual place on the arm of the sofa.

Jon said that the door to the balcony was open slightly, but he did not think anything about it.  So we looked around and noticed that my cell phone was also missing.  Jon's wallet was open and most of his money was taken.

However, it could have been much worse.  None of our bank cards were missing.  Our passports were safe.  My camera was still here.  Hallie's computer and Jon's were fine, even though they were in the same room.

I did wake up one time last night but I never looked at the clock.  I did not hear anything.  If I had heard something in the other room, I would have thought one of the kids was up and gone to investigate.  I am also grateful that none of the kids woke up because they would have freaked out.

The thief, or thieves had to walk through Eryn's room (and it was a huge mess) and also walk right by Hallie's room.  In the U.S. I would have been more worried for their safety.  I am thankful we are in China where those things are not as common.  I think if one of us had seen the guys last night the bad guys would have just gotten scared and ran away.  I doubt anyone would have gotten seriously hurt.  I try not to think about it too much.

We had wanted to be gone last night too.  We were going to go out of town, but we could not get tickets.  If we had been gone, they could have cleaned us out... at least as far as computers go.

I am very thankful that this did not happen on a Saturday night.  If it had, we would have been dealing with police and people coming to our house for worship on Sunday morning. That would have been awkward, to say the least!

We called a friend to come over to help us translate to the police, and then we called the police.  The police told us there were 3 other break-ins last night.  One was in our building and two in a near by building.

I am sad and frustrated that my phone and computer are gone, but I am very thankful things were not worse.

Please pray for these thieves.  It would be great to get our stuff back, but it would be even greater for them to change their lives.

Please pray for us, especially at bed time and at night.  I do not want any of us to be frightened.

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  1. We are praying for you guys! I hope things are feeling safer in the house. I'm glad no one was hurt! Praise Him! :)