Sunday, April 4, 2010

grilling out

Barbecue grills are becoming more popular in China, but they are pretty expensive and usually not very sturdy. Jon decided that he could make his own . And it would not really take up that much space. He took a flower pot and added some charcoal. The charcoal here is made from chunks of wood. The briquettes in the US are made from charred compressed sawdust. They work about the same.

On top of the pot, he added a grill...

Then we had to find something to grill...

These look like hot dogs, but the taste is far from Oscar Myer! I smothered mine in mustard but could really only choke down one. The kids loved theirs. Jon said the big one in the middle tasted like spam. Hmmm.... grilled spam on a stick.
Since we have no back yard (we live on the 4th floor), we sat around the "grill" on our balcony. This is where we usually hang our laundry to dry.

After we finished the "hot dogs" We toasted marshmallows and had s'mores. Well, sorta. We did not have any graham crackers, so we used digestives (a kind of cookie a lot like graham crackers). The chocolate was a little too thick, but they were still pretty yummy.

We have to be creative and substitute here, but we still can have a taste of home (almost).

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