Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter egg hunt

On Easter afternoon we held an Easter egg hunt at a local park. We had an egg hunt here last year too. It is a really nice place. There are lots of flowers, trees, and quiet paths. It is a perfect place to have an egg hunt.

While Jon and some others went to hide the eggs, the kids ate cupcakes and brownies (made by Josh).

Everyone loves cupcakes!

Then the kids went hunting....

We hid about 50 eggs. Some were real, and some were plastic. There were 8 kids hunting, so it did not take very long.
After all the eggs were found, the kids ate some eggs, candy and more cupcakes. Then they played while the grown ups chatted. The weather was wonderful and the fellowship was even better. This is a tradition we will try to continue the whole time we are in China.

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