Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is held in June. It is a strange holiday. It can be fun because there are usually boat races and they are fun to watch. Like most holidays, there is special food. Zongzi is sticky rice that is wrapped in bamboo leaves. The rice is often mixed with different things, like meat, or sometimes fruit or nuts. zongzi has a triangular shape. Jon really likes this food, but it is not my favorite. You can find zongzi all year round, but it is even more popular near Dragon Boat Festival.

Dragon Boat Festival, also called DuanWu remembers a great poet and scholar called Qu Yuan. When he was 37, he drowned himself in a river. The local people searched and searched for him in their boats. (That's where the boats come in). Then they were afraid that the fish would eat his body (ewww) so they threw zongzi in to feed the fish so they would not eat Qu Yuan. I told you it was a strange holiday.

There is a river that runs right in front of our apartment complex, so we went out to watch some of the boats.

See the dragon on the front of the boat?

After the "race" This guy was hot, so he jumped in to cool off. I really don't think I would have jumped in that water!

They let this boy take a ride in the boat. Look at his grin!

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