Monday, October 31, 2011

Super Models!

This is an interesting story that starts the second day the kids and I were here in Hangzhou this year.  We were walking down to the Police station. You are supposed to register at the police station within 24 hours of arriving in a city (if you stay in a hotel it is done for you).  Usually Jon goes and registers all of us, but since he was still stuck in the US, I did it.   Anyway, back to the story… As we were walking an older lady can up to us and started asking how tall Eryn was.  She asked some other things too, but I don’t really remember what they were.  Then she started talking about her son taking pictures of  the kids and something about clothes.  Hallie translated most of it.  It sounds crazy, but I ended up giving her our address.  Later that day, a guy came by.  He could speak semi-decent English.  The lady we had met on the street was indeed his mother and he was a photographer with a Studio in the North part of town. 

He took some quick pics of the kids with his phone, and mentioned a modeling job for the girls.  A couple of weeks later, he called and the girls went to their first modeling shoot.  They just played with some stuffed animals.  They even got paid for their job.  They did discover that modeling is not as simple as just taking pictures, there is a lot more involved.  The did enjoy the job though.  The pictures were used on a Taobao (Chinese Ebay) sight.  If you are interested the site can be found here

Since then,  Eryn has had a photo shoot modeling some clothes and Hallie has actually shot a commercial that will air in the US! But that is another blog post.

At the last photo shoot, I saw a Bible in the studio.  We hope good things can come from this relationship.

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