Monday, October 31, 2011

Visit to ShaoXing

Last year, during the National Day Holiday in China we went to X’ian.  Since it was the holiday we had trouble getting back home and ended up staying a few days longer than we had planned.  This year we did not want to get stuck anywhere, so we went somewhere much closer.  ShaoXing. ShaoXing is only about 40 minutes away by train or bus.

We did not stay very long in this city but we did have a good time visiting with the Clarks and the Taylors while we were there.  As and added bonus, Joanna was visiting the Clarks as well. 

We actually got to ride in one of these boats

Joanna took pictures too.  

The boat ride was fun.

Then we rode in these little carts pulled by bikes.

Another view in this interesting city.

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