Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's for dinner? "corn dog muffins"

One thing that is always a challenge for moms is deciding and fixing dinner most night.  Jon can and will cook, but it is usually my responsibility.  Living in China adds both great opportunities and extra challenges in this.  I usually enjoy cooking (at least when it goes well).  I hate trying to figure out what to cook.  I like when I have a menu planned.  Then I don't have to think about it as much every night.  From time to time, I will try to blog about some of the things we cook.  If I remember, I might even post pictures.

The other day for lunch I made " corn dog muffins".  I got the idea from Pintrest.  I tried it once with the kids, but I did not add enough hot dogs.  This time, they turned out great.

Getting hot dogs here is a challenge.  I really do not like Chinese hot dogs.  They are more like big Vienna sausages.  But I can sometimes find "one bite beef sausages" by Hormel.  They look like lil' smokies and taste like regular hot dogs. I sliced up two packages, and just added them to my corn bread recipe.  We ate these with ketchup or mustard (depending on what we like on corn dogs).
You could use a corn muffin recipe if you want, but I think that Jiffy muffins are too sweet for this kind of muffin.

The kids really like this lunch.  We will make these again.

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