Monday, February 6, 2012

Noodles! (what's for dinner)

Last week, or maybe it was two weeks ago now, we had Noodles for supper.  It was one of those nights that I did not have anything planned for supper, and I had to just see what we had in the kitchen.  

I had bought a tiny carton of some kind of broth in the store.  Was going to use that to cook my noodles in, but it was not enough to really have a taste when mixed with the water in the pot.  So we decided to add a packet of good ol' onion soup mix. 

We have a lot of that.
We bought more than we meant to this summer.  One thing about shopping soon after we arrive in the US, is that many times, I forget what I have bought, until I start packing it all.
We also added a sliced carrot.  I could have also added some Chinese cabbage.  I let the soup boil for a little while to soften the carrots and then I added the noodles.  
Chinese noodles are super cheap.  They also cook much faster than noodles that we normally cook in the  US.  If you are making this in America, you could use spaghetti, but if you can find Chinese noodles, it would be better.

I felt a little guilty about this being such a skimpy meal, so I also fried up some peanuts ( I bought them raw).  They have protein, right?  My kids LOVE peanuts.  Jon added them to his bowl of noodles.

I also fried up some frozen spring rolls.  Our ayi (domestic assistant) has started getting these for us and they are really yummy.

Noodles! ( I guess, Hallie had something in her eye when I snapped this pic).
One strange thing about Chinese noodles is that the longer they sit, the more they soak up liquid.  By the end of the meal, the noodles were just as delicious, but there was not really any soup left.

Based on the sound of slurping at the table, I would say that this cheap meal was a success!  

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