Sunday, September 23, 2012


Isn't funny how quickly we get spoiled.  The weather is still pretty warm here.  Today is supposed to be up to 81, and we think that is pretty hot.  But just a few weeks ago we were in the upper 90's and would have loved temps in the 80's!

I know that we are very blessed to have a household helper, an ayi.  Xiao Jiang has worked for us for nearly 4 years now. We love her.  She comes three times a week.  She cooks lunch for us, and washes dishes, cleans and straightens the apartment, and does laundry.  Also, she will watch the kids for us, so Jon and I can sneak out for a little time alone.

Keeping up with all that stuff is harder and takes much more time here in China, so it is really nice to have help.

However, Xiao Jiang has been having headaches and the doctors wanted to run some tests.  They even put her in the hospital to run these tests.  So far the tests have come back good.  But they do not know why she is having headaches.

She has not been able to come to work for nearly 3 weeks now.  Jon and I are able to keep up with most of the housework, and most of the house looks ok, but we really miss her.  We also miss being able to go out without the kids for a little while.  We think that if she is unable to come back to work for us, we may just not get another ayi.

Please pray for her.  Pray for her health and for the doctors.  I pray that they will find a way to help her headaches to go away.

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