Friday, September 7, 2012

Bad parenting? or just fun?

 I can remember buying candy cigarettes when I was younger.  They were these chalky tasting white candy sticks.  They were not that good, but they were funny.  We liked to eat them on cold days, when you could see your breath.  We would pretend that we were smoking. I thought that it was fun to pretend to smoke, but I never wanted to really smoke. I have never thought it was cool.

 Nowadays, you can't buy candy cigarettes in the US.  But in China, it is a different story.

We found these at the local grocery store.

Chocolate! maybe these will taste better than the yucky chalky ones of my childhood.

We waited for a cold, wet day and then we passed them out to the kids. 

 Yes, we were at a bus stop too.  There were lots of giggles from the kids, as they tried to see their breath.  We did get a few strange looks from some other people.....

Then, they unwrapped the chocolate, and they were gone very quickly.

One lady exclaimed, "oh, it is chocolate!"
Naw, we really gave our kids cancer sticks...

Now, our kids know they dangers of smoking and they don't think it is cool.  They do think it is gross and nasty.  But they also really like chocolate.

So, would you give your kids candy cigarettes? Or am I just a bad parent?

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