Saturday, February 11, 2012

Free vegetable broth

Yep, I said free.  Basically this is free to make.  I found this idea on the crockpot for a year blog.  All you do is save scraps from your vegetables.  You know, the ends of carrots, onion ends, and skins, garlic skins, ends of beans, parts of the broccoli I did not use.   Her blog says you can pretty much use anything except potato skins (they taste like dirt).  We use lots of different greens, so there were some of those in our bags.  I just  keep the "stuff" in bags in my freezer.  I add to the bags little by little.  When I feel like I had enough veggies. I took them out and 
threw them in the crockpot.  I then put a bunch of water in the pot.  You pretty much want to cover the veggies.  I did have to kind of squish down the veggies because some of them wanted to float.

All you do now is cook it on low all day.

Then you strain out the veggies:

and you are left with lovely  FREE broth.  

I froze some and stored some in the fridge.  I used a  bunch when I mad the stuffing for Thanksgiving.  It was great.  It is about time to make some more, my bags are about full in the freezer.

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