Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yang rou pao mo

We first had this dish in the Muslim Quarter in X'ian.  For some reason I thought that was about the only place you could get this dish. However, the other day when we were in our favorite Noodle shop, we saw a girl with this dish.  At first we did not recognize it, so we asked her what it was and then ordered some for us.
Yang rou pao mo is a rich "lamb" broth or soup with a special bread.   The bread is eaten in the soup.  At our favorite noodle shop you can also get a Beef version of this soup (Niu ruo pao mo). Yang rou is usually translated as lamb, but I think that most often it is mutton and not really lamb, sometimes it is actually goat meat. 

This dish is our new favorite especially in this chilly weather.

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